Crazy 4 Comic Con

As has been reported in many outlets Comic-Con International is opening a museum, the Comic-Con Center for Popular Culture with rotating exhibitions as many museums and societies do. The current museum the San Diego Hall of Champions which celebrates sports will be moving its collections to Petco Park’s Western Metal Building and to the San Diego History Center.

Now some articles have said and suggested that all the nerds came to Balboa Park and kicked the jocks out. Though I say that’s not the case but an evolution in interest and engagement of the public as a whole. Some of the nerds versus jocks goes back to negative media portrayals such as those in (Revenge of the Nerds) and other instances where people who had nerdy interests were viewed as freaks, which was sometimes accentuated in popular media from the 70s through 90s. It’s also true that those with nerdy…

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