Stormy: “Let’s see…we’ve got Ritter Sport in all of the flavors, but what do we start with? Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts, Dark Chocolate with Marzipan, Milk Chocolate with Praline, Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes, Milk Chocolate with Yogurt Filling, and Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit.”

Contest! If you can put the chocolates in the correct order of what he prefers, Stormy will send you a $5 gift card for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf!

Rules: There can only be one winner. The first person to post the correct order via blog comment by July 27, 2012 will win. One entry per person.

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Stormtrooper: "My favorite color is of the reddish-orange hue and all, but what's with this Pantone Color of The Year Thing? There's Tangerine Tango makeup, notebooks, and even a frozen yogurt out! It would be cool to eat Tangerine Tango colored Tangerine Tango flavored froyo though."

Stormtrooper: “That sign over there says ‘Did you know that gelato has 70% less fat than ice cream?’ so I’m allowed to indulge! Plus this place lets me have THREE flavors in a small cup…WHO DOES THAT?”