The Singlehood

Singlehood is an unmarked road traveled by all. From conception to death, we are inevitably alone in this world. Throughout our lifetime, the choices that we make cause ripples in time and space–so we cross paths with certain people that move us, teach us, or change us. The cause of our existence is based off some form of love, right? Love of that person, love of sex, love of ourselves, love of the notoriety. After we grow up, and depending how we are raised we veer towards two schools of thought: The Romantics and The Skeptics. But even so, we have our doubts as we can never be completely sure of things (as it’s a human feeling) and we gravitate towards the center of the two. We create our own definition of LOVE by the combination our experiences and what we hope it is, to what qualities we hope the partner would possess.

In a galaxy full of Clone Troopers, how do you find that “ONE” Stormtrooper who is right for you?

He's NOT a Stormtrooper.


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